General Information

Higher Purpose

Every organisation needs a common purpose. In PEI this purpose was shaped by the entire organisation with all colleagues having an input into the final definition.

Our Higher Purpose

  • We choose to help put the quality of patient’s lives first …
  • While ensuring our capability to sustain this choice …
  • To the benefit of our future generations

This higher purpose is achieved when there is a strong value system in the organisation and when all colleagues adhere to common behavioual standards. Again, these standards were shaped by the entire organisation.

Our Behavioural Standards

  1. I have the responsibility to listen and the right to speak up
  2. Encourage, support, appreciate and be there for each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it
  3. Assume positive intent: Appreciate others’ workloads and pressures
  4. When something goes wrong, ask “Why” not “Who” and fix it forever
  5. Drive for the best possible solution for our customers, our business and ultimately the patients
  6. Own it, Improve it, Do it
  7. Challenge your own and others:
  • Talking negatively behind peoples’ backs
  • Breach of our Standards
  • Disregarding or misusing our Higher Purpose
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